The FRCA examinations are an integral part of the College's programme of assessments.

The FRCA examinations test the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes as defined by the anaesthetic training curriculum.

Our examinations remain internationally recognised for their fairness and high standards. They have evolved to reflect contemporary best educational and assessment practice and developments in anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine.


COVID-19 and Examinations

Postponements and revisions

The College has carefully considered the potential impact of COVID-19 on our examinations (FRCA, FFPM, FFICM) and regretfully we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone the following examinations. Revised dates for these examinations are shown in brackets. 

  1. FFPMRCA SOE in March (to be combined with the session on 13 October 2020)
  2. FFICM OSCE/SOE in April (to be combined with the session on 19 - 21 October 2020)
  3. FRCA Primary OSCE/SOE in May (candidates booked for May have been transferred to the November session. Additional days of exams are being planned, months and dates tbc)
  4. FRCA Final SOE in June (additional exam scheduled for 2021, month and date tbc)
  5. FFICM MCQ in July (to be combined with the session on 12 January 2021)

If you have been transferred to the next exam session, you will have already been contacted personally by email. If you have not received any correspondence or these postponements affect your eligibility towards a future sitting, such as the validity of a previous examination, please contact the College. 

We will be advising schools that trainees should be allowed to progress through the training programme without having passed exams as an exceptional measure. For further information on training and career progression, please see the joint ICM and Anaesthesia website on COVID-19 anaesthetists and intensivists in training

Examination results

FRCA Primary MCQ (March exam)

The revised results date was 27 March 2020.  Results letters were sent by post, with a breakdown of results sent by email. If you have not received confirmation of your results, please contact the College.

Due to current restrictions on travel, we cannot process requests for recalculation at this time. 

FRCA Final Written (March exam)

The revised results date for this examination is 22 May 2020. A pass/fail list will be available from 2pm on this date. If we are able to release results earlier (and this is dependent on examiner availability at this time), we will notify all candidates by email. 

Results letters will be sent by post. We will be using an external printing company for this task therefore letters my arrive later than the usual 7 working days after publication of the results.

FRCA Primary and Final examination guides

Due to the closure of the College building, we are currently unable to process requests for the Final and Primary Guides. As soon as we reopen, any back orders will be filled and new orders taken. 

Contact the College at


The College is committed to maintaining the highest standards for its examinations. In order to maintain this position, the FRCA examiners and the examinations directorate rigorously quality assures all its processes and ongoing development work to ensure the pre-eminence of the FRCA.

Russell Ampofo
Director of Education, Training and Examinations

The FRCA examinations provide anaesthetists in training with the opportunity to demonstrate the required outcomes of the curriculum and determine satisfactory progression at each critical progression point within their training programme. The FRCA examinations are also open to anaesthetic doctors who are not in an approved training programme (conditions apply).

As an exams candidate, you will sit the FRCA in two parts:

Each examination tests different outcomes and competencies using validated assessment methods to test a broad-spectrum of knowledge, understanding, skills, behaviours and attitudes. The exams are approved by the General Medical Council (GMC) for UK postgraduate medical training and follow the UK curricula and guidelines.

On successful completion of both Primary and Final FRCA examinations, you would become a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists by examination and can use the letters FRCA after your name.

Fellowship is also a valued professional distinction for the many international students who come to the UK to sit the FRCA exams.


I would not have made it through the [exam] day had it not been for all the support I received from staff at the college. …. all those staff involved that day … helped make an extremely stressful situation manageable. It has reinforced how being a member of the Royal College of Anaesthetists is truly something to be proud of!

Dr R Wong
FRCA Primary exam candidate

Virtual Tour of the College

To some trainees, already nervous on exam day, our building can appear intimidating at first glance. Take a quick virtual tour before you attend, it will  make you feel more familiar with the layout of the College and go some way to easing your anxiety.


Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists